Tuesday, April 11, 2017

History Day Reflection

        Our project was a performance on Irena Sendler. Irena Sendler was a Polish women saved children out of the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. Our performance showed Irena's lifetime but focused on how she took a stand by doing the dangerous job of saving kids out of the Warsaw Ghetto just for the sake of the children.

        I agree with what the judges said about out project because most of what they said are things that I believed we need to work on. I predicted that we would be rushed because of all of out nerves and we will need to work on relaxing ourselves before we perform. They also said our project was technically tight which I was very happy to hear. I was worried that with all the different scene and costume changes that it would be a little sloppy but everyone pulled through and it came out clean. The judges also said we should add more information from primary sources which I agree with. Unfortunately because Irena was so secretive it was hard to find good primary sources but I think we can find a way to add in more information from those primary sources we have found. 

        The most interesting thing I learned in our research our topic was how secretive she was with her saving kids out of the ghetto. I already knew that she had to be secretive while she was saving the kids because she didn't want to get caught, but I never realized that she didn't want to be discovered even after the war was long over. When I look at the world today so many people just devote their lives for the fame or money, but it really inspired me when I saw everything she did just because she felt is was the right thing to do. 

        The hardest part of the project was having to cut down about a third of out original performance just to make it under the ten minute mark. It was very hard to sort through the scenes we spent so much time on and cut so many of them out. We all had to compromise by either doing silent acting, combining scenes, or cutting out scenes completely. It was hard to decide what scenes to cut because we didn't want to hurt someone's feelings but it was nothing personal, we had to cut the scenes that didn't have the most important information.

        I improved as learner in this project by learning to take care of my work before trying to help others. Everyone had a lot to do in this project even though we had a big group to split up the work. I stressed about getting all of my work done in the project and making a good contribution because four other people were relying on me.

        I think we could improve our project my making everything more clean cut and acting all the scenes out to the best of our abilities to be historically accurate. In some scenes we did a great job on this such as the silent acting, because all you had to show the audience was your emotions and movements. Some scenes I feel that if they were acted out better that it would help the performance become more clean. I felt like it was a little sloppy behind the backdrop when we were performing in front of the judges, but it might have just been the view I had.

        I am most proud of everyone working together well and proving to Mrs. Edlin that we could be successful and even make it to state. Each one of us worked very hard the whole quarter in and out of class. It helped that everyone was very passionate about our topic and it showed in our final product.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Independent Project Reflection

My project was on the topic of scientology, which is a religion based of the book Diabetics. In this religion they believe that man is a spirit and is more than just their body. I presented my project in a prezi, in my prezi I talked about what scientology is and what scientologists believe in. I also talked about famous people who were in scientology or are still in scientology.

I like that my project is a topic that a lot of people don't ever talk or even know about. I feel like after I presented our class had a better knowledge about what scientology is and what scientologists  believe in. Before I started researching scientology I know close to nothing about what it was but that was what interested me, now that I'm finished I feel that I have a good understanding of scientology.

The hardest part of this project was finding good reliable sources outside of the FMS online databases. I figured this would be a problem when I chose this topic because I know that many people have very strong opinions about scientology. I ended up finding reliable sources that had good and bad things about scientology even if it took more effort to find them.

If I could do the whole thing over I would change how I presented and explained my topic. Scientology was a hard topic to understand myself and even harder to try and explain it to a class of people. I feel like I should've thought more about what I was saying and made sure it made sense to people who don't know what scientology is.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

     My feelings changed after first hearing we were doing a Shakespeare unit and now, when I first heard we were doing it I thought Shakespeare would be boring and hard to understand. Shakespeare was a little hard to read but it definitely wasn't boring, it was hard to understand but it was really cool to see how much our writing and talking has changed from back the to now.  When I thought of Shakespeare I thought of tragedy, mainly Romeo and Juliet, but now that I've learned all about Shakespeare I know that he's done a lot more than what he's known for such as making up new worked we use today.
     In The Taming of the Shrew I think Kate was tamed but she still was a little fierce. I think she found out to get her way she has to act more gentle, after what happen with the dress and Petruchio not giving her food, she realized to obey him. In her speech I think she was trying to seem like she was actually tamed because she wanted to prove the others wrong about herself. I think that because you could tell she was still sassy but wanted to prove everyone wrong.
     I think Shakespeare is still important to learn about now because he inspired countless numbers of people and wrote so many plays that are classics today. I think it's amazing how someone from that long ago can still be learned about today. There are not many writers who are still so famous today fro so many different reasons. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016-2017 1st blog post

My academic goal for this year is to get straight A's every quarter this year. This is important to me because I'll feel more confident going into high school, when your grades count towards your gpa and is part of determining what college you can get into. It will be a lot more pressure in high school then now. 

My behavior goal is to not get into any kind of trouble, I have a good reputation now and I would not want to ruin it by doing something irresponsible I'll regret later. 

My improvement goal is to work hard in all of my classes and keep challenging myself. Some classes I have make me work hard, but others are easier and I need to find a way to challenge myself in those easier classes. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Breakout box

A breakout box is kinda like a scavenger hunt, because you use clues to get the prize at the end. Except you use the clues to solve other clues or to unlock a lock. You work together to solve each of the clues. 

The skills you need to solve the breakout boxes are that you need to be able to see the clue in different ways because the way you read it the first time may not be right. It also helps if you have some previous knowledge on the subject because you can usually solve the clues faster. 

Skills that are need to make your own box are teamwork, you have to be willing to listen to everyones ideas even if you don't agree. You also need to be able to make the clues able to solve for the other team. It's hard sometimes though because a clue you thought would be easy could be really hard for the other team. 

What went well when the other team solved our box was that they understood most of our clues given and solved most of the locks pretty quickly. The other team only needed a few hints to solve a hard locks. 

Unexpected challenges would probably be that the other team didn't know the subject at all basically. It would've been a lot easier if they even had a little bit of background knowledge, they would've been able to solve one of the locks they were stuck on quicker. 

A good classroom topic to do a breakout box on would be books that are in our classroom. You could have students find certain books, use isbn numbers, or have students look up history of certain books. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hannibal Reflection

In our field trip we went to Hannibal, where Mark Twain was from. First we went to a place that told us lots more about Mark Twain. Then we went on a trolley ride to see historic places in Hannibal that have to do with Mark Twain, such as his childhood home.  Next we went to a interactive sort of museum and learned even more. After that, we went to the Mark Twain cave that he talks about in some of his books, it was a really fun and historic day.

The most educational part of the trip would probably be the museums we went to. Even though it wasn't the most fun part I learned a lot more about Mark Twain and his past in Hannibal through that. I also learned a lot from the cave, and it  was fun to walk though the cave while still learning and having fun.

The most fun part of the trip was the cave in my opinion. I thought it was fun because we got to hear stories and think back to what we read to connect it to parts of the cave. It was also fun because we could see the beauties of the cave.

What I would improve for next year would be letting us walk down the streets and look at the historic buildings more. I feel that it would help next years kids get to know the town more and where everything happened.

Our research on Mark Twain helped prepare me for this trip by helping me connect the places in Hannibal with Mark Twain's past. It was cool to see how the parts we studied we could actually see in person.

Friday, April 22, 2016

In this presentation we researched Mark Twain, each of us researched a different part of each topic, life, writing, humor and legacy. Then we combined the information into this presentation.